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Zhongzhu Mining's talc powder is used in paint and coating products, giving many functions and functions. It can improve fluid performance and prevent precipitation; improve coverage and improve adhesion. Improve the suspension, dryness, water resistance and chemical resistance of the coating; make the putty connect well, low oil absorption rate and good gloss. For example, in anti-corrosion primers, it can improve corrosion resistance and adhesion; in exterior wall paints, as a titanium dioxide mixed additive, it can reduce the amount of titanium dioxide and reduce costs, while helping its diffusion and preventing precipitation and cracking. Zhongzhu provides talc powder products of different grades and applications in different fields, and selects the appropriate products according to the specific functions required.



●The flaky structure of Zhongzhu talc and its special surface properties help to protect water from diffusing through the film.

●The flaky structure of Zhongzhu talc is also beneficial to promote the adhesion of paints and coatings to the substrate and improve the adhesion.

●Coatings and paints using Zhongzhu talcum powder have scrub resistance and weather resistance.

crack resistant

●Tension will be formed when paints and coatings dry and shrink. Due to the interaction between flake talc and paint components, a strong resistance is formed, which effectively prevents product cracks.

●Zhongzhuang's layered talc can greatly reduce the cracking of paints and coatings, thereby improving the appearance and durability of coatings.

Fluid properties

The mutual physicochemical interaction between talc flake particles, resin and other components improves low shear viscosity, thus improving

High fluid performance to prevent settling.

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