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Zhongzhu Mining talc powder is used in ceramics to make the products have the characteristics of high strength, good gloss, wear resistance, acid resistance and antistatic; it can increase the transparency of ceramic products, improve product strength and thermal shock performance, improve vitrification, prevent Crack, reduce calcination cycle and prevent shrinkage.


White Pottery Wall Tiles

●Zhongzhu talc can control heat and moisture expansion, thereby improving glaze coordination and reducing delayed cracking.

● The use of talc facilitates the production of large-sized tiles.

Clay-glass ceramic sanitary ware

●Zhongzhu talcum powder increases the resistance to cracking and increases the strength of clay-based porcelain, such as shower trays.

●In the second firing of glass sanitary ware, the presence of Zhongzhu talc makes it easier to vitrify, thereby reducing cracks.

●Zhongzhu talcum powder is an effective dust remover.

●The presence of talcum powder in sanitary ceramic glaze improves the gloss and whiteness of the product and reduces pinholes.


●In the process of processing low-temperature pottery, Zhongzhu talc can improve the plasticity of the product, and help to establish a good and suitable glaze, speed up the firing cycle, and reduce cracks during cooling.

●Zhongzhu talc powder with low iron content can improve the vitrification, shorten the firing cycle, and improve the mechanical resistance.

●Make the ceramic table have good gloss, can increase the transparency of ceramic products, and wear-resistant.

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