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Zhongzhu Mining Talc is widely used as functional filler, coating and resin control agent and deinking agent in pulp, paper and cardboard and other paper production fields, effectively improving product quality and production efficiency.


      Talc makes paper strong and white, increases opacity and brightness, and enhances ink absorption. Talc has a strong fixation force to the pigment, so that the color print can obtain a good color effect. The addition of talc powder can effectively improve the retention and performance of titanium dioxide (TiO2). In addition, the density of talc is lower than that of titanium dioxide (TiO2). It is superior to titanium dioxide as a white filler, and its price is much lower than that of titanium dioxide, making the product more competitive.

Gravure printing

●Zhongzhu talc can significantly improve the quality of products in the process of gravure printing.

●Zhongzhu talcum powder improves the running efficiency of the printing press and eliminates the cracking of the paper and the generation of crepe.

●The application of Zhongzhu talc powder can effectively reduce the surface friction, and can effectively control the breaking of the paper in the roller rotary printing

●Ink will migrate when printing as far as possible, but in the halftone area, paper with medium talc can still bring good image quality

●The concave wear value of talc is very low, so it has little wear on papermaking equipment and printing equipment.

Coating and Resin Control

●No matter the temperature or pH value will change during the process, Zhongzhu talc will irreversibly adsorb organic matter and prevent it from agglomerating.

●Zhongzhu talc increases the productivity of equipment and reduces energy requirements.

●In the aspect of wastewater discharge, Zhongzhu talcum powder greatly reduces the COD level.

●The application of Zhongzhu talcum powder greatly improves the running speed of paper machines and printing machines, and at the same time improves the quality of paper.

Deinking agent

●Zhongzhu talc powder is used in the deinking process of waste paper, which can effectively deink waste paper in flotation and washing.

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