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The cosmetic series talc in Zhongzhu Mining talc powder can be widely used in the production and processing of cosmetics and toiletries. The talc powder of Pinguan Cosmetics series can improve the performance of the product and reduce the production cost.


Makeup industry

      Zhongzhu provides a complete range of cosmetic grade talc powders to meet the requirements of make-up effect formulations, suitable for lipsticks, powders, face creams and various cosmetics. The raw material colors of Pinguan cosmetic grade series talc powder are white, gray-green, milky white, light red, light blue, light gray, etc., and have pearl or fat luster, which can make cosmetic products have high whiteness, good solubility and luster strength and other characteristics. The company's cosmetic series talc powder contains a large amount of silicon. Because silicon has the effect of astigmatism and infrared blocking, it enhances the sunscreen and anti-infrared functions of cosmetics.

Soaps and Detergents

      Zhongzhu cosmetic grade series talc can reduce the production cost of soap and detergent without impairing the effect of soap and detergent, and can also improve the performance of soap by promoting the production of creamy lather and adding soft skin feel.

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