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In the plastics industry, proper selection of talc, calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, magnesium hydroxide and other fillers can not only effectively save the amount of resin used, but also significantly improve the physical properties of the product and play a specific role.


Polypropylene (PP) plastic


      Polypropylene plastics used in auto parts and white goods are filled with Pinguan's talc or talc masterbatch, which can save a lot of resin, reduce costs, and significantly improve the product's rigidity, impact strength, hardness, creep resistance Denaturation, surface scratch resistance, heat resistance and increased heat distortion temperature.

car parts

      It can make the hood, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and other parts can withstand a wide temperature range; for instrument panels, pillars and consoles, it has good dimensional stability, smooth surface, and increased stiffness; use high-quality Pinguan talc can provide bumpers with a high level of impact resistance to meet the increasingly stringent safety requirements of the automotive industry.

Home appliance parts

      Talc reinforced polypropylene is an effective alternative to metals and engineering thermoplastics. It is widely used in ovens, rice cookers and electric irons. Because talc is chemically inert, it can maintain the stability of the compound. In machines such as dishwashers, front-loading washing machines, etc., which are active detergents, there will be no negative effects on detergents. Barium sulfate can enhance the hardness and stiffness of PP plastics, maintain the surface gloss and brightness of plastics, and is especially suitable for making high-gloss PP home appliance shells.


Other plastics

Nylon (PA) plastic

      In nylon resin, superfine talc or its carrier-free masterbatch has the function of nucleating agent, which can increase the crystallization rate of nylon and increase the degree of crystallinity after adding; therefore, it can especially improve the toughness and mechanical strength of nylon , hardness, thermal stability, dimensional stability, improve product surface quality and deformation, also have a good impact on moisture absorption, electrical properties and chemical properties.

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